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Nature Pedagogy

"Brilliant. Wonderful to know and thanks for the reassurance. It has been an awesome, exciting, 'full on' two days which we have all loved. This course has turned me upside down and I am determined to continue the journey. Australia seems to be standing up and listening ...Nature Pedagogy is spreading in a beautiful way. Quite the talk of every state and territory! You guys really rock!"

As educators, we need to slow down: watch children fill themselves with all the possibilities of learning with nature and to allow children the time for a childhood full of excitement and joy inside, outside, and beyond. We firmly believe that all children should be able to learn through and with nature. 

Claire Warden's Journeys Into Nature is a 6 day training course which will change the way you interact with children and with the natural world. How do we truly integrate nature into all aspects of learning, whether we are indoors, outdoors or beyond? How do we ensure that children are having authentic and natural learning experiences? Why is learning in a natural context important? 

You should join us on Journeys Into Nature if...

  • Intertwining nature with learning is important to you

  • You are looking for new and innovative ways to teach your curriculum that will

    allow you to engage all types of learners
  • You want to be able to create and implement strategies and action plans to

    transform the way that children learn

  • You are looking to nurture your own connection to nature

Australia - location(s) TBC

 What does it involve?

During the course you will examine the theory behind nature pedagogy and improve your understanding of the natural world. Explore nature in greater depth than ever before, and learn how you can intertwine natural resources with learning inside, outside and beyond to create inspirational learning opportunities for children.

There are very practical parts of this course, allowing you to explore the natural elements of water, earth, fire and wind. You will gain an understanding of how nature can provide you with a variety of resources and learning opportunities. You'll leave the practical sessions feeling confident in the new skills you've gained and will be able to help children to improve their skills.

Your own journey into nature continues long after the course has ended. You'll be given a range of publications to support your learning and development even after you have finished the course. You'll meet a network of like-minded educators who want to use nature every day in their practice and be given opportunities to network with educators who have completed or are currently engaged with the course across the world. You'll also be given top priority for any other Claire Warden Ltd training days.

"Nature Pedagogy is an understanding of our sense of belonging to land, our sense of working with nature. There is a pedagogical shift when you move outside into nature... it's learning with nature, not just teaching about it."
- Claire Warden

"Nature is a powerful teacher." - Claire Warden

Nature Pedagogy Nature Pedagogy Nature Pedagogy

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