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Floorbook Approach

A child-led approach to observation, planning and documentation
The Talking and Thinking Floorbooks® Approach is a child-led approach to observation, documentation and planning that is now used with children from birth to 11 across the world. By really listening to children and giving them time to think and time to talk, we can create inspirational and unique learning opportunities. Like adults, children learn best when they are actually interested in a topic or idea: by nurturing their fascinations we can explore complex subjects such as aerodynamics  or energy through the approach. Floorbooks ensure that the child's voice is at the heart of all learning experiences in a practice.

There are four main elements of the Floorbook Approach:

1. A Talking Tub™: use provocations to identify the interests of children
2. A 2D of 3D Mind Map: discuss what we already know about a topic
3. A Floorbook®: group documentation to plan future learning
4. A Family Book: Learning story format to document individual child learning

Why should you use Floorbooks?

Do you want the children that you work with to become confident and happy learners? 

Are you trying to engage parents/guardians in their child's learning?

Are you looking to cut down on the amount of paperwork that goes into your current documentation strategy?

Is your setting trying to gain the best inspection result possible?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should try using Floorbooks.

We have a number of different training options to develop your use of Floorbooks:

Online Learning
Our range of online learning is perfect to support staff training days, or for individual use. These affordable courses will provide you with the theoretical understanding and practical skills that you need to effectively implement Floorbooks. Our current range includes:

1. Online Courses: bitesized learning to introduce you to Floorbooks
2. Live Webinars: join Claire Warden in the virtual world to have your practical and theoretical questions answered
3. Recorded Webinars: view any of our pre-recorded webinars to get more out of your Floorbooks. 

Australian Training

We have developed a number of different training courses to suit your needs. Join us on one of our open days, or one of our trainers can come into your practice and develop a course which is tailored to be exactly what you need. View our range of upcoming training courses online, which include:

If you would like us to come to your setting please email

UK Training
All UK Floorbook training can be found at the Mindstretchers website. UK training courses include:

USA Training

We currently do not have any upcoming training dates in the USA, however our associate trainers can come into your practice to deliver Floorbook training. Email for more information.

Claire Warden's book "Talking and Thinking Floorbooks" contains information to support observation, planning and documentation in your practice. It clarifies the strategies that are available to practitioners to enable them to plan effective child centred experiences. 

Supportive Material

Floorbook Approach Floorbook Approach Floorbook Approach Floorbook Approach Floorbook Approach

For more information on booking training either:

Visit the training page or Email: