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Down And Dirty Tour

The Down & Dirty Tour 2017 with Claire Warden & Adam Bienenstock

This tour will allow you to:

1.Get down to the challenges and solutions of creating nature based spaces
2.Get dirty hands in practical, engaging workshops

There will be inspiring keynotes in the morning and workshops in the afternoon: theory and practical all in one day! Refreshments will be provided. Please bring your own picnic lunch and clothing to go outside.

Adam Bienenstock will present the principles of nature-based landscape design and practical ways to work within licensing to achieve spaces worthy of children.

Naturalizing your Playground, a hands on approach with Adam Through the creation of small scale natural playground models, learn about design principles needed to naturalize your playground while focussing on fundamental child development principles. Listen to children as their voices are translated into spaces through consultative landscape design that in itself can become the learning in the classroom. Use your small scale designs to take larger visions of what is possible away and make the difference needed to deliver the curriculum while allowing a place of mastery for every child.

Claire Warden will introduce nature pedagogies including inside and outside Nature Play, Forest School, Nature pre-schools and Family Nurture groups.

Motivational Math: To increase the amount of time we spend with nature we need to see it as a context for learning and play across all areas of the curriculum, especially in S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, arts and math.)

Enjoy a practical session focused on math in nature. We will take you step by step through experience to observation and documentation of learning inside and outside through the Floorbook™ approach. Leave with an e-publication full of ideas ready to start this approach in your next working week.

10th July - Niagara, Canada,
Walker Living Campus
11th July - Ithaca, New York, The Space at Green Star
12th July - New Jersey, Duke Farms - Coach Barn
14th July - Boston, Mass Audubon's Blue Hills Trailside Museum
15th July - Vermont, Montpelier, North Branch Nature Center

Cost: $150 per person (USD)

Timings: 9:00am to 4:00pm 


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Locations and Dates:
July 10- Niagara
July 11- Ithaca, New York
July 12 - New Jersey
July 14- Boston
July 15- Montpelier, Vermont

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