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Journeys into Nature USA with Claire Warden 23-07-2018

Training, Tennessee, USA

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As educators, we need to slow down: watch children fill themselves with all the possibilities of learning with nature and to allow children the time for a childhood full of excitement and joy inside, outside, and beyond.

We are excited to announce that Journeys into Nature is coming to the USA for the first time. Join Claire Warden for a 4 day journey into nature to examine the way that we consult children. How do we truly integrate nature into all aspects of learning, whether we are indoors, outdoors or beyond? How do we ensure that children are having authentic and natural learning experiences? Why is learning in a natural context important?

Claire Warden's course will give you the theoretical understanding of nature pedagogy as well as the practical skills to begin to intertwine nature with all forms of learning. 

Dates: 23rd to the 26th July 2018

Venue: Ferntop Nature Preschool, 7731 Fernvale Road, Fairview, TN 37062

Cost: $1200*

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Course Format:

Webinars (May TBC) - Join Claire in the virtual world to examine the theory behind nature pedagogy and improve your understanding of the natural world. Explore the concepts of risk and benefit risk assessments.

What is Nature Pedagogy and Nature & the Brain
Embracing Risk

Days One to Four (July) - Improve your practical skills and also your understanding of how nature can provide you with a rich variety of resources and learning opportunities. We will also look at the use of digital technology in nature-based learning. You will leave these sessions feeling confident in the new skills you have gained. 

Topics covered:

  • Nature Pedagogy

  • Embracing Risk

  • Nature & the Brain

  • Wood Whittling

  • Sand, Mud & Clay

  • Puddles

  • River Systems

  • Wind Sculptures

  • Feathers and Flight

  • Charcoal

  • Lights & Shadow

  • STEM

"Brilliant. Wonderful to know and thanks for the reassurance. It has been an awesome, exciting, 'full on' few days which we have all loved. This course has turned me upside down and I am determined to continue the journey."

Prep/Early Years Teacher, Australia

Price includes lunch.

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*payment must be made in full before the course begins. We can offer a 2 stage payment. For more information, please email 

Should you require accomodation, which is not included in the price, refer to our recommendations below:

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